Women sold fake Luke Bryan concert tickets

What was supposed to be a fun night out, turned into anything but for some women from Bowling Green.

“It’s been frustrating, we just wanted to go see Luke Bryan,” said Asha Vasudeva, who found the tickets online.

The day before the show, she and her friend Michelle Mangette found tickets for sale on craigslist.

“It said I have four tickets for sale. Half of our group backed out at the last minute and I’m just trying to get rid of them,” said Vasudeva.

They were listed for $80 each, and the two were a bit skeptical, but Mangette decided to check them out. She says she met the guy selling them in a busy restaurant parking lot.

“They had the barcode on them, it said Ticketmaster on them. It had the seat number, location. Tt said Luke Bryan; it looked like any other legit ticket that I would have printed off of Ticketmaster,” said Mangette.

She gave the guy $320 in cash for four tickets, only to be turned away at the Huntington Center the next day.

“We tried to go in and we’re told they were not legit tickets,” said Mangette.

The Wood County sheriff says these women may not be the only victims. He says their department believes this guy may have done the same thing to other people in the area.

“It’s certainly buyer beware when you’re dealing with people you don’t know. There are so many scams, especially online,” said Mark Wasylyshyn.

The women say they’re mad because they trusted the guy and thought the tickets were legit.

The sheriff is asking anyone else who was sold fake tickets to report them to his office. If found, the person responsible could face charges like fraud and theft by deception.

Website: http://www.wtol.com/story/31778680/women-sold-fake-luke-bryan-concert-tickets