Voices From the Crowd

From first basemen to bassists, managers to management, people all around the nation are speaking up to protect fans’ rights and keep tickets available at face-value. Check out what they’re saying about the issues and the Fans First Coalition.



“We need to make sure that fans get the tickets, and not scalpers. Fans First is fighting to do just that. Our band wants our tickets to be sold at the face value that we set, so that the real fans can get the tickets — not scalpers.”
—Adam Levine
Maroon 5

“They could be hosting these sites in Switzerland for all we know…There’s no way to police them other than to educate the public. We have plenty of tickets available, so there’s no reason to go to a scalping site to look for them.”
—David Fudge, Nebraskaland Days Concert Committee co-chairman
Omaha World-Herald

“I thought I was one of the lucky ones. I was able to get four tickets to the Elton John concert for about $125 apiece. Not able to camp out at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center overnight, as I have done before, and not able to find luck with Ticketmaster on the morning tickets went on sale, I ran into Ticket Liquidators on the Internet. I thought we would get decent seats for that price. But it turns out they’re behind the stage, probably the $29 tickets. That ticket scalpers are profiting off those of us who have been supporting DECC events for years is disgraceful. It wouldn’t surprise me if these vultures were making more off this event than the arena or even Sir Elton himself.”
—Maury Strand
Duluth News-Tribune

“I can’t blame them for trying to make a quick buck…But that seems really ridiculous. I guess I’m mad that our governing system doesn’t help us prosper with integrity.”
—Cathy Wright
Duluth News-Tribune

“The tickets look amazing…It was hard for people at will call to tell they were fake. We knew maybe the Craigslist wasn’t the safest bet. But they were the cheapest ones we could find.”
—Christina DeCarolis
The Detroit News

“Paperless ticketing IS innovation….Because once they see they’ve got
a chance for a good ticket at a fair price it makes all consumers
—Bob Lefsetz
The Lefsetz Letter

“With the myriad of possible legitimate ticket forms, it’s easy to be duped by fake, forged or counterfeit tickets.”
—Sgt. Linda Jackson, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
Indianapolis Star

“If you buy a ticket from a scalper at an inflated price, there is a real risk you will find the ticket won’t work.”
—Peter Young, Cricket Australia

“It’s a question of supply and demand, scalpers say, which is fine and good, except that scalpers have always juiced demand by rigging the supply. In the old days, they paid ringers to stand in line to buy tickets. Now they use computer programs — bots — to scoop up as many tickets as possible while blocking out other would-be purchasers…”
—Eric R. Danton
The Hartford Courant

“There’s a battle being waged here. It’s between scalpers and fans, and scalpers are winning.”
—Dave St. Peter, President, Minnesota Twins
St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Paperless ticketing is going to change things dramatically for the artists that want them to change…What paperless ticketing has allowed them to say is, ‘I would like my fans to get the tickets at the value I’ve created.’”
—Rob Light, managing partner, Creative Artists Agency

“We hate scalpers, and the opportunity to defeat these villains and help Mother Earth at the same time is truly one to be cherished.”
—Graham Wright, Tokyo Police Club
The Canadian Press

“[T]his method makes it impossible for ticket brokers to buy out a concert and then resell the tickets at a markup…Making tickets available only to hard-working fans (or parents of fans) sounds pretty good.”
—Michael O’Rourke
San Antonio Express-News

“I think online and paperless is the trend of the future and only will be a positive for consumers and for venues.”
—Ted Leonsis, owner, Verizon Center, Washington D.C.
The Washington Post

“I do like to help protect regular people from having scalpers…get ahold of tickets before they have a chance to…paperless ticketing seems to be a good way to do that.” —Seth Hurwitz, co-owner, 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.
The Washington Post

“The only people who’ve complained are the scalpers.”
—Michael Marion, GM, Verizon Arena, North Little Rock, AR

“Why bother bringing a ticket if you can just swipe your credit card or iPhone at the entrance of a stadium for admittance?”
—Daniel Indiviglio