VERY A-MUSE-ING: Scalpers thwarted by paperless tickets

There is still joy in Mudville, for Muse has not sold out – failing to leave scores of disappointed fans, who were not crying that they got buggered by the scalpers yet again.

Not this time – thanks to “paperless tickets.” Screw you, scalpers.

After seats to the British trio’s Feb. 3 show at Rexall Place went on sale Friday, what was expected to be another scalper bonanza appeared to have been prevented by non-transferable paperless tickets, which Muse used for the general admission floor area. They’re just like paperless airline tickets in that only the buyer can use them. That they took well over an hour to sell out is a telling sign that the plan worked, that the floor tickets went to true fans and the evil cyber-scalpers and their nefarious ticket-gobbling robots were thwarted. The Almighty Ticketmaster, which almost always takes the blame when anything goes wrong, has won a small battle in the ongoing War On Scalping.

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