The Secret To Getting Tickets To Big-Name Shows

You wait for your favorite singer to come to town and when they finally do you can’t get your hands on tickets.

Earlier this summer, Julie Chapuran logged on to buy Justin Bieber tickets for her kids. Within minutes they were all gone. Like her, many of you who asked, why is it so hard and so expensive to get a seat for a big show?

WCCO put the system to the test and found the solution that could save you time and money.

“The kids really enjoy his music. We have fun in the house dancing to him,” Chapuran said of the Beebs.

The Boss seems to be more of Katie Nordstrom’s speed.

“He has high energy,” Nordstrom said.

Two big stars, same ticket struggle.

Over and over again on Ticketmaster, Chapuran tried to get seats for what was billed to be a $40 to $90 show to see the Beebs at Target Center.

“I was waiting before 10 o’clock to get online and do it,” Chapuran said.

Nordstrom’s friend did the same to see Springsteen at the X.

“They couldn’t even get into the site to get the tickets,” Nordstrom said.

Both shows sold out within minutes.

When Chapuran checked the next day, she found Bieber seats on online vendors for $250 to $1,000.

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