The Issues

Artists, venues, sports teams, and industry representatives formed Fans First in May 2011 in part as a response to a startling trend – in state capitals around the country, scalpers are pushing for legislation that would pad their pocketbooks, to the detriment of fans, and local businesses.

Ensuring a positive fan experience – and making sure fans are able to access face-value tickets – begins by keeping tickets out of scalpers’ reach. Will Call Only and Paperless ticketing threaten to put scalpers out of business because there is nothing for scalpers to resell.

That’s why the scalping lobby is working overtime to protect its ability to profit at fans’ expense.

Fortunately, efforts to deny artists, venues and teams the right to select fan-friendly ticketing methods were sidelined in several states in 2011.

But the battle is just beginning…

The scalping industry will try to hold on as long as it can, crafting a state-by-state battle plan to preserve the ability to profit at the expense of fans. In fact, such a battle may be coming to a statehouse near you. Chances are the scalper’s playbook will look like it has in other states:

  • Scalpers seek to limit fans’ access to face-value tickets: Scalpers are asking legislators to ban the use of ticketing methods such as Paperless and Will Call Only. Used primarily in cases of high-demand events, Will Call Only and Paperless ensure a purchased ticket cannot be resold above the face-value set by the artist, team, venue, and promoter. Fans in turn pay only the price set by the artist, team, venue, and promoter – not the higher prices set by ticket scalpers. As technology improves, more artists, teams, venues, and promoters will find ways to get face-value tickets direct to their fans and the scalpers will pull out all the legislative stops to make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Scalpers call for unfair advantage in secondary market: Routinely, scalpers are seeking legislation to force local venues to disclose the tickets they have on hand. By knowing the size of the remaining inventory, scalpers would be better equipped to make decisions about the number of tickets they would attempt to buy, the ability to create shortages, and how to price their tickets. This would be detrimental to local box offices around the country and could hurt the local economy, should promoters and performers choose to avoid states that allow this practice.

Fans First is committed to putting more face-value tickets into the hands of fans. We oppose any legislation that denies artists, sports teams, venues and promoters the right to select ticketing methods that work best for their fans.

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