McCartney fans don’t need scalpers

Paul McCartney … c’mon, he’s a living legend, the most popular singer and songwriter in pop music history. I will not debate this.

He was in the Beatles!

And Wings?

McCartney hasn’t performed in Houston since 2005.

So it’s understandable that scalpers, excuse me, proprietors of the secondary ticket market, are asking ridiculously high prices for McCartney’s concert Nov. 14 at Minute Maid Park.

They’re asking upwards of $2,000 for a ticket on the floor. Even the cheap seats are expensive, as much as $100 for a ticket in the upper deck. These seats are so high up, mountain climbers are being hired to make beer runs whenever McCartney says “Here’s a song off my new album.”

There’s no shortage of marked-up tickets available on StubHub, etc.

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