Frozen Four Ticket Scam: Fans Warned To Beware

By Sherri Lonon
Tampa Patch

TAMPA, FL — As college hockey teams converge on Tampa for the NCAA Division I men’s finals, fans are being warned to watch out for scammers.

The Tampa Police Department issued a warning about Frozen Four ticket scams Thursday morning.

Fans, the agency wrote in an email to media should “beware of scammers trying to sell fake tickets. We encourage sales from authorized dealers only.”

Those willing to take the risk of buying from private sellers are urged to exercise caution.

“To protect yourself, arrange to meet at a police department or public place where there are surveillance cameras,” the email said. “If possible, take a photo of the ticket seller’s ID, or take a photo of the tag on their car.”

The Chicago Police Department’s Organized Crime Division said the group used sophisticated, high-tech printing equipment to produce the fake tickets. The schemers are believed to have racked up $60,000 in bogus ticket sales per event, ABC 7 Chicago reported.

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