Fans Outraged by High Resale Prices for Sandy Relief Concert Tickets

The “121212 Concert for Sandy Relief” generated excitement among fans who were looking forward to an eclectic lineup that included Kanye West, Eddie Vedder, Alicia Keys and the Who.

But after tickets to the Madison Square Garden concert sold out within minutes Monday afternoon on Ticketmaster – and later appeared on StubHub for much higher prices – fans have flocked to Facebook and Twitter to express their anger that scalpers appear to be profiting from an event designed to help storm victims.

“I cannot begin to describe my disappointment in the lack of planning that has ended up with many people upset over getting tickets to this show,” wrote a man named John Joseph on the concert’s Facebook page. “Like everyone else, I, too, was shut out from getting tickets because of scalpers, and this was one concert I wanted to support for the cause.”

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