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From Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z’s tour to the highly anticipated Fleetwood Mac reunion, only one thing can be certain: summer concert season is once again upon us. While the summer months provide a great opportunity for fans, they also mean big business for unscrupulous ticket scalpers.

Ticket scalpers rely on a variety of sophisticated tools and methods, including computer automated “BOTS,” to scoop up face-value tickets, and then in engage in deceptive marketing practices – like pretending to be affiliated with venues and artists – to sell those tickets back to you.

Check out this Fans First fact sheet and remember to take extra caution when purchasing tickets!

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Report a Scam: Collecting Fan Testimonials

Are you tired of scammers ruining games and concerts? You’re not alone. Countless other fans have been victims of fake ticket sales and other deceptive marketing practices.

Fans First – not to mention lawmakers and the media – need to hear about these unfortunate cases when they occur so we can work together with you to stop this serious and growing issue.

It’s time for you to take a stand and help put an end to ticket scamming by sharing your story at

Protecting Fans in Tennessee

The Fans First Coalition joined more than 80 Tennessee live entertainment venues, sports teams, entertainers, artist managers and tour promoters in support of the Fairness in Ticketing Act. The legislation would enact fan-friendly safeguards requiring professional ticket scalpers to register with the state, disclose to you the ticket’s original face value price, and to be transparent about whether they had the ticket in hand they propose to sell. It would also crack down on the use of websites created by scalpers that masquerade as the official sales site, luring many fans into paying prices higher than face value.

This spring, the legislation passed important committees in the Tennessee House and Senate, enjoying broad, bipartisan support in both chambers. Fans First will continue to work with this impressive coalition to generate additional support for the legislation and secure its passage.

2013 Legislative Update

The scalping lobby, backed by StubHub, has been busy in 2013 introducing anti-fan legislation in states across the country. Thanks to the efforts of sports teams and venues, pro-scalper legislation has been defeated everywhere it has been introduced.

California: Opposition from many fans like you helped stop legislation banning anti-scalping ticketing methods from advancing out of a key California committee. The StubHub/pro-scalper legislation was gutted to leave only the anti-BOT language of which we are all supportive. And while there have been some positive developments on Assembly Bill 329 in recent weeks, the scalper lobby won’t stop its efforts to pass anti-fan legislation. Contacting lawmakers, however, is just one step of this long battle, and Fans First needs your help.

Join the effort! Contact us at and we’ll work with you to submit a Letter to the Editor of your local California newspaper.

Florida, Minnesota & Texas: StubHub, ticket scalpers and the organizations they have paid to support their cause have mounted massive lobbying efforts in Florida, Minnesota and Texas, attempting to ensure that state legislators pass laws that protect scalpers, making it harder for you to access face-value tickets. Despite their best efforts, legislation aimed at permanently ending fan-friendly ticketing methods, like paperless and will-call-only, failed to get off the ground in these states. Thanks to the many of you who stood up for fans’ rights!

Despite these victories, the fight is far from over. Check out the action page for a list of states where ticketing legislation is pending and where we can use your help in defeating pro-scalper bills.

In Case You Missed It

With the increasing prevalence of online ticket sales, ticket scalping has changed dramatically, and as the Edmonton Journal recently pointed out, fans must remain vigilant to protect themselves from scalpers on the secondary market. Here’s what one venue manager – and even a scalper – had to say.

"It’s as uncontrolled here as it is anywhere. We get bombarded by brokers from all points in America and Canada, who then take these seats and resell them on broker websites. What we do with paperless is make those prime seats tougher for scalpers to get at." – Kevin Donnelly, general manager at Winnipeg’s MTS Centre, ensures that one-quarter of all tickets to his shows offer fan-friendly paperless tickets, which are linked to the credit card or ID of the purchaser. Paperless is proven to reduce scalping by 70 to 100 percent.

"If I’m looking for $200 for a set of tickets, I can place three or four different ads. One ad would ask for $400, another for $350 and $300, then I’d place an ad for $200. You’ll get the $200 pretty easily because everyone thinks it’s a deal. But people respond to the $300 and $400 ads, too." – An unnamed reseller reveals his methodology for ripping off unassuming fans. The part-time reseller has made about $14,000 over the last three-and-a-half years.

Have you ever been tricked by a scalper? Let us know at!

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