Fans First Celebrates One Year!

One year ago, dozens of leading recording artists, sports teams, venues and industry members came together to protect fans from fraudulent ticket practices. Today, we have grown to more than 200 industry members, and thousands of fans, from across the U.S. Thanks for your continued support. It’s been great to have all of you along for the ride. We look forward to expanding our ranks and increasing our impact over the next year!

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About Us:

The Fans First Coalition is committed to ensuring that fans everywhere get what they deserve – a good event experience, from the ticket purchase through the final out or encore.

Fan Alert: Pro-scalper Legislation being considered in New Jersey and Michigan

StubHub and the scalping lobby have been busy this summer – pushing legislation in New Jersey and Michigan that bolster their bottom line at the expense of fans. Both of these bills would make it harder for fans to get great seats at face value – and help preserve scalpers’ ability to scoop up tickets at an initial onsale.

What You Can Do

Your action is needed! If you live in New Jersey or Michigan contact your legislators and let them know that:

  • You’re sick of scalpers who are able to get tickets before you can. Your favorite artists and teams should be able to use methods like paperless and will-call ticketing that help put fans first, and that give them the option of buying a great ticket at a great price!

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In Case You Missed It:

Ticketing companies guide the debate as politicians examine rules for selling, buying tickets

  • In the June 4 edition of Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal, reporter Bill King tackled the issue of scalping – and how StubHub’s organized team of lobbyists are fanning out in state capitals around the country promoting legislation that puts scalpers ahead of fans. For instance, in the last two years, legislators in Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee, New York, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Arkansas have looked at ticketing issues. King notes the strong presence of local teams and venues in advocating against scalper-friendly policies.

Eric Church Show Reveals How Scalpers Really Work

  • Nashville’s NewsChannel 5 uncovered striking proof that when you go online to buy tickets, you’re competing against a vast network of ticket scalpers and resellers across the country who use sophisticated hacking software to scoop up tickets.

See more recent news:

Summer Concert Season: How to protect yourself from Scalpers

  1. Buy through the box office or authorized ticket agent – but beware that scalpers often use misleadeing website URLs and designs to appear to be affiliated with the box office. Call ahead if you’re unsure if you’re using the correct website.
  2. Buy from a reputable reseller who guarantees a refund – but realize that a refund isn’t the same as being able to get into the show.

Get scammed? Share your story with other fans so they can learn scalpers’ tricks. Tell us your story on our Report a Scam page.

Scalpers Suck: A fan story from the Brian C. family – Mansfield, MA

We bought 5 tickets, 3rd party from Must Be Sick Tickets. With a hefty price, $700 before the tickets were on sale to the public. We were assured this was a legitimate transaction. We received the printed tickets via Fed Ex. before the event. Last night, at the entrance, the tickets were scanned and we were told only ONE of the tickets were real. The others were duplicates. We paid so much money for those tickets. We were not going to buy anymore! So I took my 3 children and husband home, feeling very violated, frustrated, heavily disappointed, and not sure how to make this right for my family.

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