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The Fans First Coalition is committed to ensuring that fans everywhere get what they deserve – a good event experience, from the ticket purchase through the final out or encore. Learn More.

Fans First Unveils Legislative Action Center!

Have you ever been shut out of a ticket on-sale or been forced to pay hundreds of dollars just for a ticket to see your favorite team or artist on scalper sites like StubHub? Well, the Fans First Coalition has unveiled its Legislative Action Center to help fans like you notify your legislators that scalpers are up to no good. You’ll be able to take action against legislative bills that hurt your access to face-value tickets and a great event experience. It’s time to get fans, not scalpers, back to the front of the line.

Check our Legislative Action Center out on Facebook, too!

And don’t worry if you don’t see any current actions in your state – that’s good news and means that scalpers aren’t currently a threat. But you’ll still be able to tell your friends and report a scalper scam to help protect other fans!

Fan Alert: Tennessee Legislature Considering Bill to Protect Fans from Scalpers!

Fan-friendly legislation is one step closer in Tennessee. The Fairness in Ticketing Act would create important safeguards for fans that buy tickets on secondary sites. Backed by artists, teams and industry members including Fans First, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, the Nashville Predators and Bridgestone Arena, the Fairness in Ticketing Act will cut down on deceptive ticket resale practices and help provide you with access to great seats at face-value to your favorite Tennessee events!

Fans First proudly stands with nearly 70 Tennessee entertainment industry members in support of the Fairness in Ticketing Act. Click here to sign the petition if you want to stand with us too!

Fan Alert: Pro-Scalper Legislation Threatens Rights of Fans in Michigan & New Jersey

If you live in Michigan or New Jersey, your rights as a fan are still under attack. Ticket scalpers and resellers have pushed forward legislation in both states that would prevent artists, venues and teams from using proven methods like paperless ticketing and will-call-only, to try to make sure that you have the best chance at getting tickets. Banning these methods will only make it easier for scalpers to scoop up and resell tickets at over-the-top prices.

Your action is needed! This is a great opportunity to become a fan advocate at our Legislative Action Center. Sign up with your Michigan or New Jersey address and let your state legislators know that these bills make it harder for you to see your favorite artists and teams.

New Fans First Tip Sheets!

Did you know that joining a fan club is a great way to have more than one shot at getting face-value tickets to your favorite show? Or that setting up a profile on your favorite ticketing sites can help speed you through to check-out? Those are just a few of the tips in our new Fans First fact sheets. These tip sheets offer pointers and guidelines to help improve your chances of getting tickets at the onsale, and to help keep you safe from scalpers on the resale market. Check out the fact sheets below:

Scalpers Suck: A fan story from Kathy K.

I tried for pre-sale and general public sale, but tickets for this event sold out in seconds. Only to find out that websites like eBay and StubHub have all the tickets. Ticket price was listed at $29.50, but StubHub is selling tickets ranging from $99-$400. This is ridiculous. Absolutely not fair that the general public cannot even have the chance to purchase tickets. No way can most concert goers afford outrages scalper prices.

Have a sucky scalper story that you’d like to share? Tell us here!