Attention Fans First Members in New Jersey – both the state Senate and Assembly are considering pro-scalper legislation.

S-875 and A-2258 would negatively affect New Jersey fans by banning artists like Bruce Springsteen, Eric Church and John Mayer from using fan-friendly ticketing methods, like paperless ticketing and will-call-only. Paperless and will-call ticketing make it much harder for scalpers to scoop up and resell tickets at sky-high prices. When artists use these methods, it gives fans a chance to buy a good seat at the face-value price. Banning these methods would only help scalpers continue to charge fans outrageous prices.

Your action is needed! Please contact members of the NJ Senate Commerce Committee and tell them that:

  • You’re sick of scalpers cutting in line at on-sales and your favorite artists and teams should be able to help you get tickets!
  • Prices on some resale sites can be astronomical! You want to be able to have a better chance at getting face-value tickets so you can go to more shows and see your favorite acts without getting deceived
  • Less than .01% of all tickets are sold this way, so paper options still exist for fans.

Contact Information:

Senator Nia H. Gill
Phone: 973-509-0388 (phone)

Senator Raymond J. Lesniak (D)
Phone: (908) 624-0880

Senator Nicholas P. Scutari (D)
Phone: (908) 587-0404

Senator James Beach (D)
Phone: (856) 429-1572

Senator Gerald Cardinale (R)
Phone: (201) 567-2324

Senator Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (R)
Phone: (908) 232-3673

Senate Leadership

Senator Stephen Sweeney (D), Senate President
Phone: (856) 251-9801

Senator Loretta Weinberg (D), Majority Leader
Phone: (201) 928-0100

Want to do more? Volunteer to be a fan advocate! Learn more by e-mailing

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