The Fairness in Ticketing Act is designed to protect Tennessee consumers who purchase tickets to concerts, games, theater and other events. It will cut down on deceptive ticketing practices, thus providing fans with greater access to face-value tickets and enhanced protection against fraudulent business practices.


  • Informs consumers.
    The Act provides fans an up-front, clear understanding of the ticket on the resale market that they are considering buying before the purchase process even begins. The Act requires ticket brokers and resale sites to publish original face value, seat location, and whether the broker or reseller actually has the tickets in hand. This means you’ll know how much profit the ticket reseller will be making off your purchase, exactly where the seats are that you’re buying, and whether you have any additional risk if the broker doesn’t already have your tickets in hand.
  • Ends deceptive marketing in ticket resale.
    The Act prevents ticket resellers from misleading fans by using the name or image of an artist, show, venue or team to give the appearance of an official or legitimate ticket resale website. The Act protects consumers from these false, unofficial resale websites that illegally masquerade as an artist, venue, team or event’s official ticketing box office site. By preventing these deceptive practices, you will be able to tell if you’re buying tickets at face value directly from the artist or venue, or if you’re buying on the resale market, possibly with a significant mark-up in price.
  • Preserves consumer-friendly ticketing methods.
    The Act allows fans to have a chance to purchase tickets at face value. Many artists, sports teams and venues use ticketing methods to ensure the best seats remain available to fans at face value. This Act preserves the rights of teams, venues, and artists to use the ticketing methods they—and not the scalpers – choose.
  • Preserves resale.
    Resale should not be stopped, but it should be more consumer-friendly and transparent. Everyone understands that there is indeed a place for the secondary market in the ticket-selling equation, but resellers must operate above-board, transparently, without deceiving consumers or using illegal methods like bots to obtain tickets.

Who Supports the Legislation?

The Fairness in Ticketing Act is supported by numerous artists, sports teams, venues and other industry organizations across Tennessee. Together, they formed the Tennessee Sports and Entertainment Industry Coalition. The diverse membership includes: Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, Martina McBride, Nashville Predators, FedExForum, Orpheum Theatre Memphis, Ryman Auditorium, Bristol Motor Speedway, and Thompson-Boling Arena, to name just a few.

What Can You Do?

Share your support! Tell your legislators that you support the Fairness in Ticketing Act (House Bill 3437 and Senate Bill 3441)! How to get involved:

  1. You can find your legislators’ contact information at by using the “Find My Legislator” function at the bottom right-hand corner of the homepage.
  2. E-mail your state Senator and Representative a statement of support for the Fairness in Ticketing Act. You may want to include a few of these points:
    • How much you love live events in Tennessee – one of the best states in the country for concerts, sports and the arts.
    • Any personal experience you’ve had where you felt taken advantage of by a scalper, or had to pay way more for a ticket than its original face value.
    • How the Fairness in Ticketing Act may help you feel more secure about your ticket purchases – and if this might lead you to attend even more events in our state.
    • A request that your legislators support the Fairness in Ticketing Act, and stand together with Tennessee fans against scalpers.
  3. Join Fans First! Click here to join the Fans First coalition and get updates about this legislation, and other important programs to protect fans from scalpers
  4. Tell a friend! Share this information on your Facebook page or Twitter feed, and e-mail other Tennessee fans a link to this page so they can get involved too!

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