Don’t Get Duped When Buying Texans Tickets


HOUSTON — The Texans playoff game at NRG Stadium Saturday sold out in a flash Tuesday morning.

Fans who want to see the Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs will have to turn to brokers for their tickets. But first, make sure the seller is legit.

There is a much smaller chance buyers will get scammed if they follow a few simple tips.

Patrick Ryan with The Ticket Experience says there are still plenty of places to buy resale tickets thanks to more season ticket holders selling.

“There are definitely more legitimate options than we are used to seeing actually,” Ryan explained. “In terms of the volume of tickets in the secondary market, it’s up about 30%.”

There’s an easy way to avoid getting duped.

“We definitely think buying from the Texans’ website is the best way to go,” said Ryan.

Ryan says because the Texans partner with Ticketmaster, it’s always a safe route, unlike other online sources.

“There is no reason to buy on Craigslist. You absolutely should not buy tickets with cash. I mean, that’s just the easy way to get frauded,” Ryan said. “We just always tell people, if you’re going to buy, buy with a credit card because if there is for some reason a problem at least you’re going to get your money back and you’re not left in the cold.”

Although third party sellers may seem to offer better deals, there’s a much greater chance of walking away with less than you bargained for.

“You could have a massive headache on your hands you know? So if it’s too good of a deal it probably is,” Ryan warned.