Dad buying Taylor Swift tickets on Craigslist gets scammed

By Bill Young

One dad from New York City learned the hard way that the old adage is true; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The man asked that his name not be used, but he said he went on Craigslist to find tickets for his daughter to a sold-out Taylor Swift show.

“I came across this one posting where I thought there was really decent seats at a reasonable price,” he said. “I made an offer to buy them and I was surprised that I won.”

He and the seller exchanged numbers, texted each other, then met up to swap cash for tickets to the sold out show. The night of the concert he took his daughters to the concert only to discover the ugly truth; the tickets were counterfeit.

“It was heartbreaking watching my kids cry and break down in tears because they couldn’t go in,” he said.

Postal Inspectors say this kind of scheme is becoming increasingly common.

“With Craigslist, it’s a buyer beware type of website as opposed to other reputable ticket sellers,” said Ashley Borofsky, a US Postal Inspector. “The buyer has to be very careful because anybody can post on Craigslist.”

Experts recommend that you stick with established companies like Ticketmaster.

There is a somewhat happy ending to the story of the dad who got ripped off by a Craigslist scam artist. When the venue that was hosting the concert realized the family bought fake tickets, they allowed them to by some tickets that came available at the very last minute.

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