Fans who want to attend plays, concerts, games or other live entertainment or sporting events are looking for a great experience – and that experience begins with buying tickets.  What real fans want most from that experience is access to face-value tickets for the best seats available.  They also want to be sure their tickets are legitimate so they can be confident they will get into the venue and into the seats they purchased.  That’s why Fans First was founded.

 State laws that govern ticket sales don’t always protect the ticket-buying priorities of real fans.  Loopholes, gaps in the law and sometimes even the actual laws themselves have been exploited by scalpers and unscrupulous ticket resellers. 

Fans deserve better. And it’s time to make a difference.


The Fans First Coalition was established in May of 2011 in an effort to provide a voice for fans.  Our goal is to change and improve the ticket-purchase experience by fighting for greater access to face-value tickets and enhanced protection against fraudulent business practices. Fans First includes more than 200 industry members, venues, teams and artists and is primarily supported by Ticketmaster.  We are also members of state coalitions that consist of leaders in the live entertainment industry. 

We are all committed to standing with fans against scalpers and ensuring that appropriate state laws protect real fans, and a great ticket-buying experience.  To learn more about what we believe in, check out our mission statement: Standing with Fans.

Fans First brings together fans like you, your hometown venues, industry leaders, artists and sports teams, and prominent voices in live entertainment. Sign up here right now to join us.  You can also see a full list of our coalition members below: